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Introduction to Profit First Methodology

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 The profit formula is simple: Sales – Expense = Profit. The only problem is it is flawed. In this presentation, Nicole will give you an overview as to why the formula entrepreneurs use to calculate profit actually inhibits it. Then, she will share a new approach to profit – taking it first – that instantly changes everything. With this simple yet profound change, ANY business will become instantly and permanently profitable. 

Learning the Buyer Seller Dance

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In the buyer/seller dance, someone must lead. Someone must know the steps, or you’re both just reacting.  Conversely, we know that on the dance floor—or anywhere in life—if we push, people resist. Instead, why not learn to be fluid in your communication, engaged, a great listener, and know the right steps?

3 Keys To Public Speaking

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Find out what stands between you and the business you want to attract. Discover how to listen, learn and benefit from using public speaking strategies.

Getting Turned On in Life, Love & Business! 

Getting Turned On In Life, Love & Busine

Find out what being turned on really means! You have direct access to the most intensely attractive force in the universe within you… and it works in every area of life, no matter what you dream of or desire,

Master The Science of Connection: Dramatically Improve Your Sales Close Rate!

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In this presentation, you will learn how to connect faster & more easily with your prospects.

We discover how converting more leads can be easy & simple. And we will unlock the secrets to closing sales faster. 

Estate Planning For Business Owners and Families

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In this presentation, you will learn the importance of estate and business succession planning to ensure your most important assets are preserved for generations to come without the need of prolonged court processes and family conflict.

How To Create A Recurring Revenue Stream In Your Business

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In this session you will learn why it is more important than ever to have a monthly recurring revenue stream (MRR) in your business and a step by step process for how to go about establishing such a revenue stream.

What's My Business Worth And How Do I Sell It For The Highest Price?

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Learn the steps you can take now to improve what your business is worth, prepare for the best exit possible, and why focusing on business value is so important even if you aren’t looking to sell any time soon.

Turning Stones Into Diamonds

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In this Business Lab Sara Heermann speaks about her personal journey navigating this pandemic, decisive moments that most business owners can relate to, and how my state of mind made all the difference.

Top 10 Ways To Say Top Of Mind In A Changing Climate

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In this Session Karen Albert educates us on how to find resources that produce valuable & relevant information. She shares how to identify ways to educate and inform your community, how to nurture your relationships and support your local community businesses.

A Scientific Approach To Leadership

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Martina Felderman's passion is to uplift and empower people. From corporate managers to non-profit professionals and entrepreneurs, Martina supports her clients to become successful leaders, leaders of their own lives. She strongly believes that leadership starts from within by raising one’s consciousness.

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