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NIA Business Lab - How To Create A Recurring Revenue Stream In Your Business

In this session you will learn why it is more important than ever to have a monthly recurring revenue stream (MRR) in your business and a step by step process for how to go about establishing such a revenue stream.


The Takeaways

  • Why having a recurring revenue stream in your business is so important.

  • 9 different strategies to establish a recurring revenue model in your business.

  • A process to determine which recurring revenue stream is best for your business.



Steven Kohnke is the CEO of Denver Business Coach, a certified Change Management Practitioner and a Certified Value Builder. He holds a degree in Psychology & Neuroscience and specializes in helping small business owners turning their business into an asset they can eventually sell – when and if they desire. As an experienced business coach Steven has a proven track record of helping business owners grow and scale their businesses in a profitable and sustainable way. Visit for more information.

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