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NIA Business Lab - Turning Stones into Diamonds

Sara Heermann is the founder and CEO of Heermann Financial, Inc., which specializes in Financial, Executive, and Wellness Coaching. Sara discovered her passion for helping small business owners grow and develop by reflecting upon her own experiences of building a company.

Having gone through the processes and trials herself, she has firsthand knowledge of what it takes to make a company thrive and the many things that can lead a company to fail. She enjoys being able to take the journey with business owners that are either just getting started or are ready to see their company expand. To date, Sara has worked with over 100 businesses to grow their teams and increase their revenue.

The Session: Turning Stones Into Diamonds A Practical Approach To Pivoting In A Crisis

  • My personal journey navigating this pandemic.

  • Decisive moments that most business owners can relate to.

  • How my state of mind made all the difference.

The Takeaways

  • An overview of key areas every company needs to evaluate

  • A CEO’s perspective: How to check in with your business, including financials, systems and priorities

  • How to learn from the past to spot future opportunities and take action.

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