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NIA Business Lab - A Scientific Approach To Leadership

Martina’s passion is to uplift and empower people. From corporate managers to non-profit professionals and entrepreneurs, Martina supports her clients to become successful leaders, leaders of their own lives. She strongly believes that leadership starts from within by raising one’s consciousness.

With a Ph.D. in molecular biology and over 600 hours of coach training & coaching, Martina has a unique combination of a scientific mind and a deep understanding of mindfulness and awareness. She spent 15 years as a molecular biologist in the scientific industry and acted as researcher, mentor and Chief Operating Officer of a biotech company before starting her own coaching business. She will empower you overcome beliefs that limit your leadership potential.

The Session – A Scientific Approach To Leadership

  • Everyone is a leader, either by choice or default.

  • The question isn’t whether you are a leader. The question is... how will you lead.

  • Great leaders inspire others and themselves.

The Takeaways

  • Gain awareness of your current leadership ability.

  • Learn to lead under stress.

  • Discover strategies to realize your leadership potential.

To Contact Martina Felderman visit:

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