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Two Quick Tips That Help You Make Better Videos From Home

Sharon: Hello, everyone, this is Sharon Heller with Network in Action, and I'm here today with my friend Andrew Kemler with Best Footage Productions. Hey, Andy, how's your day going?

Andrew: It's going great.

Sharon: Good. Thanks for hopping on with me today. I'm looking for some good tips on shooting home videos. I'm doing more home videos than I ever have, for my business and wanted to just get some professional recommendations so that I can improve the quality of my home videos. What do you suggest?

Andrew: Well, what I generally tell people is there are two main ways that you can really improve the quality of your videos, and that would be a tripod and an external microphone. I'm assuming most people are using an iOS device, iPad or iPhone, to shoot their videos.

Andrew: And, the quality that you can get from those is really impressive, but the audio on an iPhone is terrible. And so I have this microphone, I just bought one of these and. There's a million like it, but this is a microphone that costs eighteen dollars and it really improves the quality of the audio immeasurably and it's a very good investment.

Sharon: What brand is that?

Andrew: So that's called PowerDeWise.

Sharon: OK

Andrew: And it has this really long court, so you don't have to be close to your phone. But anyway, and I mean, if you are so inclined, you go to Amazon and check out some reviews. But it is, it's kind of a no brainer if you ask me to use an external mike and use a tripod.

Andrew: And there are lots of tripods that you can get that has Bluetooth, and you can enable the Bluetooth where you can remotely turn your camera on, your iPhone camera on and off. And between that and the microphone, you're just going to make the quality so much better.

Andrew: Really, the things that are distractingly bad about homemade videos are that they're shaky and the audio is hard to hear. And I think that we're so video-centric these days, especially during COVID, that there's a certain level that you expect.

Andrew: And if you're watching a video that doesn't meet those criteria, you may just turn it off. Most people are doing more than one thing at a time like when I'm watching a video on YouTube about something instructional, I'm doing another thing on my other screen.

Andrew: So in order to really capture someone's attention, especially if the video is, more than a minute long, you really think it's worth your while to get a tripod and an external mike. So that's my long-winded two cents.

Sharon: Ok, so sound and stability of the camera seem to be two of the most important things, right?

Andrew: Yeah. I would say if you could do those better, you're well on your way to making a good homemade video.

Sharon: Ok, thanks for the tips. And those are two things I have not been doing and I will hopefully next time we talk, I'll have my tripod and my external microphone.

Sharon: All right. Sounds good. Thank you.

Thank you.

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