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The Benefits Of Having A Trusted Agent

Sharon: Hello, everyone, my name is Sharon Heller, and I'm with Network in Action here in Denver. And this morning I'm here with Kip Quinn with Farmers Insurance. Good morning Kip.

Kip: Hey, good morning, Sharon. How are you doing?

Sharon: I'm good. Thanks for taking a few minutes to speak with me today.

Kip: Of course. Of course.

Sharon: So I've been thinking about this current situation that we're all in together with COVID-19. And I'm wondering if you can talk a little bit about how it's affecting the insurance industry, and why you feel like this is an important time for people out there to be rethinking their insurance.

Kip: Yeah, sure, great question, you know, when we get situations like these, and specifically to the pandemic, people really start to be concerned a little bit with what their protections are. They are worried about their health and what would happen if something were to happen. Some of them have lost jobs and "OK, what do I need? Do I still have the right protections for me, for myself, for my family?" It's a time when people can look at how they're protected.

And I think it's also a great time because people have a little extra time now. Insurance is always one of those things that seem to get pushed to the back of your mind, oftentimes because you've got it, you don't really use it all the time, so you don't really worry about it. So now is a great time when you've got a little extra time. And with things like this pop-up, to really think about the protections you have and make sure that they're appropriate for you and your family.

Sharon: Yes. That being said, if myself or somebody out there watching this, has questions about their coverage and wants to get a set of eyes on, you know, how it's looking for them and what they do have in place, how can you help them?

Kip: Of course. We're always offering free consultations. So you can always call our office and we can talk about protections. We can talk about what your coverages are for, how they work.

And then we can also provide you with the quote. And, we are hoping that you kind of chooses our agency, but we're not a big pressure kind of place. I'd rather see that you are protected one way or the other, but if you choose us, fantastic. And I think we provide a fantastic product and a very relatable agency.

But the biggest important part that we stress is education. So we want people to really kind of know what they have, how they're protected and how to how that affects them in their lives.

Sharon: Yeah, that's so important. And, you know, I think one of the things that a lot of us maybe don't have a good understanding about, but maybe are starting to question more, is what are the benefits of having a direct agent versus maybe shopping for insurance on the exchange, and just kind of putting together our insurance based on looking for a plan that's going to keep our costs low. Because, let's face it, insurance is expensive these days. But what are really the benefits of having an agent, somebody that we can go to directly?

Kip: Exactly, here at my agency, we believe that insurance is definitely better with an agent, an agent is a professional.

This is probably one of the most trusted people that you can know. So when you have an agent, you've got someone who kind of knows your situation, they understand your needs, they know what you're protecting, someone who's relatable, a friend in the storm, kind of look at it in a broad form. You know, if you have a bad day and something happens, it's nice to be able to call us, knowing that a friendly voice is going to answer on the other line, someone that you know has helped you in the past, someone's going to help you again, someone who can understand how to navigate sometimes those crazy insurance waters and actually take that burden off your shoulders and really kind of help you have a better day and help you feel a little bit more relaxed.

We understand that accidents happen, but know that especially as an agent, you've got someone in your corner who's a professional who will help you through those times.

Sharon: Yeah, I think that's more important than ever Kip, you know, as I think for myself and my family, that like that peace of mind and having a trusted advisor, versus just somebody who's going to pick up at the end of an 0800 number, is more of a valuable resource that I know I want to have in my corner. And I think a lot of people out there are probably feeling the same way.

Kip: Yeah. And there's an additional point, too. I mean, when you've got an agent, especially, having a great professional agent, there's also someone who's looking out for you and is being proactive. A lot of times if you're looking at some of the self-managed insurance policies you have, it's kind of up to you, to figure out what you need, what you don't have, am I paying too much? Am I paying too little? But if you've got an agent, you've got someone who's looking out for you. Maybe there's something that I can suggest that can save you money.

We're always looking to save people's money, whether it's with, can we add a policy and reduce this premium? What can we do? What is your situation? You know, we can certainly make modifications and someone who's proactive can help you.

Sharon: Yeah. Thank you. And then can you speak a little bit about how you work with business owners as well as families.

Kip: Yeah, oh, of course, definitely we're great with business owners because our commercial policies are very comprehensive. Oftentimes our policies will offer coverages that are not offered by other companies.

So, in fact, your business is better covered through Farmers Insurance, and through us, than it would be somewhere else. Again, working with an agent, you've got someone here local who you can always call and talk to, who's going to be available by Zoom these days, someone you can drop in and see, and really understands the environment of business in Colorado.

Sharon: Yeah, great, thank you. And Kip what's the best way for someone to reach out to you, if they want to have a conversation and learn more about how Farmers Insurance might be able to help them?

Kip: There are a couple of great ways. As I say, I'm kind of a talking person, so I would always say call the office. You can reach us at 303 800 9107.

We're here Monday through Friday, 8 to 5. But you can also reach me directly via email at And those are the two best ways to reach me. And the nice thing is that if you call me, you're leaving a voicemail directly in my voicemail. There's not a lot of prompts and stuff like that. And I will get back to you within 24 hours.

Sharon: Great. Thank you. Thank you for your time today. And I really see what a valuable resource you are. So I hope a lot of folks reach out to you.

Kip: I do too, Sharon I really do. Thank you very much for your time and I appreciate the interview.

Sharon: All right. Take care.

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