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Introduction to EZ Moving | Residential and Commercial Moving in Denver Metro

Sharon: Good morning, this is Sharon with Network Action in Denver, and I'm here today with Mario Chavarria, founder and owner of EZ Moving. Good morning, Mario.

Mario: Hey Sharon, Good morning. How are you today?

Sharon: I'm good. I'm glad to learn a bit more about you and your business today.

Mario: Yeah.

Sharon: So, let's start with how you got into the moving business.

Mario: It was actually a... It's a funny story. While I was doing my undergrad here in Denver, I would always try to find, you know, side gigs or something I can do while I was still going full time to school. And I was actually working for a company shoveling snow in the winter. And I met a guy that said if I needed any type of work during the summer and I said, yeah. And then he invited me on a move. I worked for a smaller moving company during that time. And I actually worked the whole time while I was in undergrad to pay for school. So moving actually helped me pay for my undergrad.

Sharon: Awesome! And then can you just share a little bit about the founding of EZ Moving and when you got that business going?

Mario: Yeah, so very interesting. I at one point hated moving, but I went and did my masters in Oklahoma. I got a Masters in Human Nutrition, came back to Colorado and I could not find a job. I couldn't find a job. And what I really knew how to do is move. So me and my brother started EZ Moving in 2018. And, you know, I said, well, we'll see, I'll do this for a while until I can find a good job as a dietitian. And then I cut it and then EZ Moving took off. And we've been doing great since and I don't think I'm going to go back to any type of nutrition

Sharon: Except for your for yourself. Right.

Mario: For myself and my family. That's right. Yeah.

Sharon: Good, good. I love that story. And all of us have to move at some point. And whether it's because we want to or because we have to. So what would somebody need to know about using your services but they might expect.

Mario: Well, we're I like to consider ourselves sort of a white glove moving company. We come in and we can literally do everything for you. So there's a lot of different needs that people have, you know? So depending on what they need in their personal moving needs, I guess, you know, we can come in and pack up, we can wrap furniture, prep it, take it all apart, put it back together and literally move it from that specific spot that it's on to the very specific spot that they needed in their new place. A lot of the times we also help people with like decluttering. Sometimes they need to get rid of stuff. Furniture gets old so they either sell it or they need to just take it somewhere else, not in their space. But we can literally do anything people need us to do.

Sharon: And does that include commercial moves as well, or are you focusing more on residential?

Mario: It does. We do. Our main focus is residential. We're starting to get a lot more into commercial work. But we also, you know, we can handle big warehouse moves, office moves, and that also includes the break down and, you know,building back up any like cubicles, any furniture, you know. So we'll help with the logistics on office moves as well.

Sharon: Great. Great to know. So let's talk about timing a little bit, because logistics are so important with moves. And when would you say a prospective client should contact you to start having a conversation for a move they're planning in the future?

Mario: Well, everyone's situation is different, right? So I always recommend customers to contact their moving company as soon as they find out that they have a need to move and a moving date. Sometimes it's very out of the blue. When customers find out that they need to move for whatever reason. So if it's something very last minute, then we understand and we try to fit them in. But the more notice that you can give, your moving company would be the best. If it's months out, that's perfect. You know, schedule it. And if things need to adjust, we can adjust. But last minute, you know, you sometimes don't have any room to adjust. So the more time, the better.

Sharon: Ok. OK, good. What do you love most about what you do?

Mario: Well, I now do a lot of office work, and that is that is, I want to say, not my favorite part, right. So moving. I love that I'm always outdoors. I'm in a different place every day. I'm meeting new people every day, new experiences, every day. I'm traveling sometimes. So I'm never just in one place for too long. And I feel like that's a good balance for a lot of people and that's a good balance for me. I wouldn't like to sit in a desk for too long, you know, and I meet different people, what they do, their families, what kind of situations they're in. And it's always interesting, you know, sometimes the reasons why people are moving or where they're moving to. So, the experience.

Sharon: Yeah. I love that. Sounds like you enjoy variety and every day is different in the work that you do.

Mario: It is.

Sharon: Yeah, I love that. All right. Well, as we wrap up, if someone watching this video has a move coming up or someone in their family does and they want to reach out to you, what's the best way for them to do that?

Mario: Yeah, either phone or email. We answer both. A good way to contact us via phone is just calling the number 303-884-7410 . Or you can email us directly at

Sharon: Thank you, Mario. It's great talking to you today and good luck in the moves you're doing today.

Mario: Oh, we're so slammed. Thank you, have a good day.

Sharon: Take care. Bye bye.

Mario: Bye bye.

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