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Interview with Digital Marketing Strategist Anna Mannerfelt

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Sharon: Good morning, everyone. This is Sharon Heller with Network in Action, and I'm here today with one of our members and Anna Mannerfelt with Wired Mustang. Good morning, Anna.

Anna: Good morning, Sharon. Thank you for having me. It's such an honor. Happy Friday.

Sharon: Yeah, I know it's been a long week. Well, thanks for taking the time to talk with me this morning. And Anna, why don't you just say a few words before we get started, about Wired Mustang?

Anna: Sure. Thank you so much. And you know, I'm a big fan of NIA. Wired Mustang is a digital marketing agency based in Denver, Colorado, and we do strategic and tactical digital marketing industry-agnostic, all over the US, we love what we do, and we keep our clients galloping forward on the digital plains, as we say.

Sharon: Great. And with that being said, you know, we've been in a changing landscape these last couple of months, and I imagine the needs of your customers have changed quite a lot. Can you speak about that?

Anna: Sure. Well, first of all, we're very, very grateful and blessed that all our customers or clients that we've been working with are still with us. And they've actually asked for more. But we didn't wait for them to ask for more. We had to start providing more value in terms of different tactics, different messaging, becoming more creative, so we can help our customers and clients stay even better at top of the line, for their customers or patients or whatever it is that they're doing within their different industries. It's been a little bit challenging, especially for our clients that are in the brick and mortar industry, they had to shut down. So we've been helping them a lot in terms of staying top of mind, and providing value for their patients and customers when they even can't be in their own office or their own practices. That's one thing.

Sharon: Yeah, that's important. And what are some, additional specific ways that you're able to help customers during this period of time?

Anna: Well, as you know, video is something that's very, very powerful. And I find it fascinating that we have been doing this type of communication for a long time. But it's also really cool to see how the brand owners have embraced the fact that you have to be on video. And so we do a lot of video interviews for our clients, just, you know, if they can provide extra insight within the different verticals.

But also we started as a company, to become a lot more creative. We do a lot of videos online for our customers and for ourselves because video is something that's very powerful at the moment, and it's going to continue to be powerful and to keep the top of mind for their brands.

Sharon: And what are some things business owners can do to really have their videos stand out so that they can actually catch people's attention? Because we are so saturated with video content right now.

Anna: It needs to be quality versus quantity. It needs to be positive versus... I can't even say it right now. What the new normal nonsense. There's no such thing as new normal, is just moving forward and provide a very positive, doesn't always have to be upbeat, but a positive helping hand, to brand owners and also their customers and patients. Because we want to look forward. We don't want to look backwards and think that things are going to be normal because they're not. So let's just park that and focus on what's best for the companies, themselves, and for their customers and stay very, very positive. That said, you know, we're human beings and we have to realize that new things are scary. I've been through it many times, so.

Sharon: Yeah. And the unknown, right. It seems like everybody, they want certainty and that's just not happening right now. Maybe you can just share something even just from your personal or professional experience about how to stay positive with so much uncertainty going on, especially in business.

Anna: That's great. First of all, exercise, you have to exercise. But secondly, really dig deeper into your networks, your respective networks. I mean, with you guys, with the NIA and the deep relationships that we have, really made an effort to dig into. It's really helping, because to hear from our networks and or for your example, the NIA members, just talk to them like a human being and see, what is going on in your world today and what can I do to help you? And it doesn't have to be that we're selling anything, it's just a matter of, where can we be a helping hand, to make our members or our network peers stay positive and all that, and you know what, we are human beings, and it's like a roller coaster.

I think we talked about this and in one of our meetings with you guys, that the day is like a roller coaster. And by the end of the day, you should sit down with your partner or spouse and ask, what was the best thing to happen to you today? It's super important to try to do that because if you keep on focusing on the negative Sharon, you're going to keep going down that rabbit hole. And you're going to get on the pit, and you have to kind of drag yourself up a little bit and go on going forward, right?

Sharon: That's right. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps.

Anna: You bet. You bet.

Sharon: Thank you for saying all of that. And, I've been noticing the opportunity. I feel like, it's happening right now between us. But just to be able to be that much more authentic. And yes, we've all known that we're all human beings, but in a certain way, in business, we don't always behave like that.

Anna: No, but we're forced to it. And the only thing I really miss is like hugging people. Reach out through your video and just hug people because that is the only thing. But I think that people are really stepping up and just having these dialogues. I mean, I don't know about you Sharon, but I got so used to it, that right now I feel like I'm sitting with you. So it's going to be that when we finally all meet again, it's going to be like, OK, yeah. Talk like you're on a screen.

Sharon: Right. Right. And I know why Wired Mustang is such an incredible resource for business owners. If somebody out there wants to get in touch with you, what's the best way for them to do that?

Anna: Well, obviously always email me at, but can also call me on my cell phone 303 974 5281. We're always available except when I'm on horseback. So I'm always here.

Sharon: All right. Well, thank you for your time today. And I'm sure you'll be out galloping around this weekend and always.

Anna: Oh, yes, ma'am. I will be.

Sharon: All right. Take care. Thank you. Bye.

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