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HR support isn't just for Big Companies

Sharon: Hello, everyone, this is Sharon Heller with Network in Action, and I'm here today with Josh Buchness, who is a business consultant with Venture HR. Good morning, Josh.

Josh: Good morning, Sharon. Thanks for having me today.

Sharon: Thanks for joining me today. So there are so many places we could start, but I think a great starting point, given it's the beginning of the year, would be for you to share a little bit about what kind of conversations you're in with your clients right now. And what are you finding that business owners are most needing support with in the area of H.R.?

Josh: Yes, so at the start of the year, a lot of the conversations have been focused around healthcare and making sure that what owners have in place is a good fit for them and for their team this year. A lot of small businesses may start out with something very basic.

Josh: But there's a lot of larger companies that are coming to Denver now. And, how do you compete with them? How do you attract and retain top talent? So, making sure that they have the capabilities on there and to provide a good environment for their employees has been really top of mind so far this year.

Sharon: Really, really important both as an employer and an employee. We're all thinking about benefits and healthcare and wanting to be sure that the right healthcare is in place. So when I think about businesses hiring an H.R. company to support them, I think there's a lot of misconceptions out there about how big your company needs to be to reach out for this kind of support. Can you speak to that a bit?

Josh: Yeah, absolutely. So I think, a lot of companies may say, "Oh, we're not there yet or we're going to wait on those types of things." But realistically, we find more and more of the companies that are putting these structures into place earlier on, giving themselves the ability to grow and scale at the pace that they want, is really opening a lot of doors for them.

Josh: So they may only be five people right now, but they want to grow to 10 within the next six months. And it's actually, it's better to have those processes and everything already in place so that when the time comes that they can they can make those moves seamlessly as opposed to trying to do it as it's happening, which can be difficult. And, they may run out of time.

Sharon: Yeah. So to that point, can you speak a little bit about some of the other services that Venture H.R. supports businesses with, in addition to healthcare?

Josh: Yeah, absolutely. So we offer the full suite, which PEO. So that includes payroll, worker's comp, all the different types of benefit 401K, but we also have a lot of divisional partners which allow us to expand offerings into things like accounting or help with marketing.

Josh: So we have a lot of capabilities when it comes to what we can offer. However, I tend to stay focused on the PEO offering and making sure that we get that solid groundwork laid so that when they are growing and when they may need those other services, we can certainly help them with those if they like.

Sharon: Awesome, thank you. And there's a lot of H.R. companies out there, can you speak to what distinguishes Venture and what are some kind of aspects of the company that really stand out to you?

Josh: Yeah, especially, we're a large company, but what I really like is our ability to customize and to tailor fit our solution to the companies that we're working with. I think when you get with a lot of the competitors of ours, they'll kind of say, "Hey, you need to fit into this box. And if you don't fit into this box, then we're not going to be a good fit for you." That's not our approach.

Josh: We really like to sit down with each executive or owner and kind of go through with them and really hear what their needs are before trying to say, "Hey, this is what you need." We need to hear what your expectations are, what it is you're planning for the next year and two years, and three years. Because we want to be a long-term partner. We don't want to just sign it up and send it. We really want to help them grow and achieve what their goals are.

Sharon: I appreciate that customized approach. I think every business owner has, unique circumstances and unique needs, so that's vitally important.

Sharon: As we wrap up here. Is there anything else that you would want a potential client to know about your services?

Josh: I think if anybody has any interest at all, it's always just good to have a conversation. You'll either learn more about what it is that we do, but there's certainly no harm in just reaching out. And let's discuss and see what your current state is and where you hope to go.

Josh: And if there's something that we can do to help you get there, would certainly like to do that. But, I always enjoy learning entrepreneurs and small business owners. I come from a small business family, so I just enjoy those conversations and hearing what people are doing and what's new and what's out there. So it's always exciting for me to speak with them.

Sharon: Great. And what's the best way for someone to reach out to you to have that conversation?

Josh: They can either call or text 720-343-0476 or my email is

Sharon: Wonderful. Thank you. Josh, thank you for your time today, and look forward to connecting again soon.

Josh: Thanks for the conversation, Sharon. All right. Bye-bye.

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