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Denver's Premier Large Format Print Shop | SpeedPro Premier

Updated: Mar 1

Sharon: Hello, this is Sharon with Network in Action, and I'm here today with Bill Landow and the Pro premiere. Good morning, Bill.

Bill: Morning, Sharon. Thanks for having me.

Sharon: Yeah, good to see you today. Well, to get us started. How about you share a little bit about the Pro Premier and yourself and what has you stand out in the world of Large Format Printing?

Bill: Yeah, certainly. What I like to think helps us stand out is our commitment to service. I've approached this is as very much a relationship oriented business as I think a lot of folks claim to. But I've got it in my mind that the person I'm working with has a list of things they need to get done that day. And if I can bring value by letting them cross one or two of those things off and not have to worry about it overnight or the weekend, and they can enjoy more of their life outside of the office, that's really what I'm striving for. Trying to show I've done my job. And so as Speed Pro goes, I mean, we use the top quality vinyls and approach things in a very consultative manner where a lot of times customers don't know what they want. They know they want something, and we can help have that conversation to say. Have you considered X or what about Y and bring it all together and fulfill that image for them.

Sharon: Super important. And do you find that business owners usually come to you with an end goal in mind or with, you know, hey, I want this or I want that? Or do they sometimes, like you said, just come in and they really don't know where to start?

Bill: Well, it really, goes across the board. Sometimes we have, you know, Print Ready Art handed to us and other times we're creating it from scratch. So, you know, we were set up that we can accommodate whatever needs are there. But the interesting thing about the small business owner is about 50 percent of small business owners run their own marketing, and they only spend about two hours a week doing that. And because of those considerations, right, if you live under marketing drive sales. You're hampering your sales if you're not doing your marketing role. And so that's why we like to think we can come in and add that value in helping these small business owners utilize their marketing dollars a little bit more effectively.

Sharon: Yeah. So let's let's talk just a little bit about signs. Kind of in contrast to I was talking to a business owner the other day and she, you know, had been investing like thousands and thousands of dollars in digital marketing. And why are signs of all kinds so important as business owners?

Bill: Well...It's kind of crazy because they should always be part of the advertising mix, but I don't think everybody thinks in those terms. Everybody is, you know, digital, digital, digital, maybe some print, maybe some broadcast, but the Signs live in the real world where we interface, right? Right. And there's there's an old line, you know, a business without a sign is a sign of no business. That people have to know, you're there. They have to know what you're selling. They have to know, you know who you are. And you know, the signs can help with branding. They can help with the marketing message and it elevates everything. And I'm not saying, you know, stop doing all the other forms and signs will take care of it. But it definitely should be a consideration in that mix.

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, I agree. And I feel like now more than ever, somehow, you know, since COVID and you know, most places are open at this point, but I notice that I want to know at first glance kind of like what's going on over there when I drive by a building, when I'm walking by a shop or a restaurant or whatever it may be, I'm looking for information.

Bill: And that's the surest way of knowing, right? And I think especially, you know, coming out of the pandemic as it's been, we are getting out more and the demand for attention is higher than ever because we've been spending so much time online. But now that we're out and about a bit more, you know, things something simple like a vehicle wrap for a business can attract so much more attention. You know, an average car driving 15000 miles a year passes over nine million vehicles. So if you think about it from a cost per impression standpoint, you're really looking at, you know, you get an impression that I think this it's like a hundred cars for every mile you drive, which is kind of crazy in the world of attracting attention. You know, your digital ad isn't going to garner that many impressions. But,and this is part of that marketing mix conversation, about 50 percent of people who see who Google business have seen the outdoor advertisement. So they're taking that information and then they're going home to the keyboard and what it was then what do they do? How do they do it? And getting that information. So it's a nice, you know, funnel right to get people from point A into consideration for your business and services.

Sharon: Yeah, that's such a good point. And I wanted to ask you a little bit more about vehicle wraps and you touched on one of the things I was thinking of, which was just credibility. I mean, I've been, you know, out driving around more right these last few months than I did the whole last year and a half. And I've seen these amazing vehicle wraps that are so professional that are so beautiful and it definitely like has me registered just some credibility of like, wow, like look at this vehicle, look at this beautiful presentation of who they are. So I think you know what you said about them. The connection is made. When I go back to Google, I'm probably going to, you know, the one that had that vehicle wrap is going to pop out to me. Can you talk a little bit more about vehicle wraps and even about how somebody would approach that process?

Bill: Yeah. And to your point, I agree that I think it definitely lends credibility to a business when they've got a good look and wrap on their vehicle. I joke that the most obscene thing I see is a plain white van with a ladder on top because they do something, but we don't know what they do. Right? Let's get something on there to let us know, Hey, they are bonafide. They can do your roof or your gutters or your plumbing or whatever the businesses that they're in. But I also think a lot of people shy away from vehicle wraps because they're afraid of the cost. And you know, when you come, you know, it runs the range. But the high end cost can make the small business owner a little sticker shock. But we have ways of doing partial wraps where only a certain part of the vehicle gets wrapped. And maybe we integrate the design into the native color of the vehicle, and we can really make some nice looking imagery out of, you know, for a lower budget. And you still get that impact and legitimacy that you know that you're looking for.

Sharon: Yeah, along those lines, because this would be my question if I was going to get my vehicle wrapped, is there long term damage to the paint, to the vehicle? Like what if my, you know, I wanted to get a new vehicle and I wanted to sell mine and remove the wrap? What happens there?

Bill: Yeah. So if it's just for 10 or 15 years and based on the sun removal, it can be pretty difficult. But in most cases, you know, it's not going to sit that long and it'll come off cleanly, you know, when it's installed by a legitimate professional and removed by a professional as well. But there are many people who will lease a vehicle and do a color change or wrap the vehicle. To protect the finish so that when they return the lease, they can just peel that off and you know, it's it's free of the scratches and small surface things that otherwise might have faced.

Sharon: Right. Very cool. Good to know. So if someone watching this video wants to explore some different sign possibilities or maybe even a vehicle wrap, what is the process they can expect if they reach out to you?

Bill: Certainly, they can find us at and our websites got tons of examples of the kinds of work we do because it really runs a broad spectrum. I mean, even if you're looking outside of vehicle wraps. Just looking at signs or banners or yard signs, we can do so many different things. But the sign,wrap process, you know again, starts with consultation. You know, what is it you're looking to do? We want to inspect the vehicle to make sure that the finish isn't completely weathered because vinyl has a hard time sticking. If that's the case. Then we make the recommendations and start working on design as we're working on an estimate and move things forward once the design is signed off on. We can usually get the vehicle in within a week or so and get it back out within a day or two. So it's really pretty streamlined process.

Sharon: Great. Well, I really do encourage people to reach out to you and SpeedPro. Like I said, I'm always looking for signs. I'm looking for those visual cues to know where to go, to see who's open, to see what different businesses have to offer. So I think it's tremendously important.

Bill: Well, and I guarantee you right now if I were to say plumber at you, you can envision a local plumber who's got the wrap vehicle and probably their color scheme, probably things like that. And that's that's proof of the pudding right there, right? Yeah. Fleet graphics generate 15 times greater brand awareness than any other advertising media. So it works.

Sharon: Yeah, we are visual creatures. Yeah. Thank you, Bill. It was great talking to you today. Again, I encourage people to reach out to you at and yeah, wish you a great rest of your day.

Bill: Thank you too. Have a good one. Appreciate it.

Sharon: All right, thank you.

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