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Business Networking in Denver: Quality, Time, Energy

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

One of the common concerns that I hear from people when I talk to them about networking is they feel that networking can be a drain on, both their time and their energy. And that is such a huge red flag to me.

Our time and our energy are two of our most valuable commodities. So in terms of networking, we want to feel energized and we want to know that our time was very well spent. So if you are feeling drained after your networking meetings, if you're not feeling energized and inspired, let's talk.

My name is Sharon Heller and I run Network in Action groups here in the Denver area. We are in a virtual format during this time and will be back in person as soon as we can.

Our meetings are dynamic, energetic, with great members and an opportunity always to be strengthening and deepening your relationships.

So Sharon Heller with Network and Action - message me. I'd love to talk with you. Again, energy, inspiration, your time is so, so important. So be sure you're not wasting it. And happy networking, everyone.

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