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A Reliable Construction Company In Denver

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Sharon: Hello, everyone, this is Sharon Heller with Network in Action, and I'm here today with Chatrick Clark. Hello Chatrick.

Chatrick: Sharon, how are you today?

Sharon: I'm good. Good to have you today.

Chatrick: Thank you.

Sharon: Chatrick is the owner of Integrity Exteriors and I'm glad to have a chance to have a discussion with you today Chatrick.

Chatrick: Thank you.

Sharon: Tell me a little bit about your construction company and how long you've been around and what kind of work you all do.

Chatrick: So technically, we're actually Integrity Construction and we do business as Integrity Exteriors also. That sort of defines the two areas we work in, which is general contracting for commercial build-outs, from five thousand square feet below is sort of our target market. And we also can build homes from the ground up.

We're involved currently in about three different brand new builds of custom homes, and that's on the bigger construction side.

For Integrity Exteriors we do a lot of hail restoration and that focuses mainly on roofing because that's what gets struck by hail the most.

Sharon: Right. Right. And do you work all over the Denver area or do you have limitations in the region that you focus on?

Chatrick: Well, we've worked historically the front range and all the way up into Cheyenne, Wyoming, and all the way down to Pueblo and sort of focus on the Frontrange. As far as general contracting, we probably mostly stay in the metro area.

Sharon: Ok, and if somebody was looking to do like a remodel or add on a bedroom, a lot of people are doing like home improvements during this period of time, does your company also do those kinds of projects?

Chatrick: That's a great question. We just finished a basement remodel during the lockdown, we had access from the garage right directly into the basement and we didn't really have to interact with the homeowner. And we were able to put together something they've been wanting to do for a while. They re-did their entire basement after their kids just left home for college. So they took the time to put it the way they wanted and made a little sanctuary. So things like that continue on for us. And we are able to do those. We're doing a kitchen repositioning by removing the dining in the kitchen and flipping it so we can do pretty major remodels.

Sharon: Yeah, great. That's important to know because I think a lot of us are spending more time at home than we ever have and the functionality of our space. And it's a time that we're noticing the changes that we want to make. And it might be a good time for people to move forward with some of those projects.

Chatrick: Absolutely. During this period of time, our workers will be masked up and a lot of times they wear gloves anyway. So we try to minimize the contact with owners and still keep the communication open, either through the computer, phone calls, and just one on one meetings.

Sharon: Yeah, really important. When you look at the work that you've done over the years with your company and with your team, what's something that you're proud of?

Chatrick: Well. I'd say almost everything I get proud of after we finish. The company name is Integrity and I didn't pick it up by accident. So I feel very personally attached from doing a small bathroom remodel to even a roof, which is sort of boring when you stand back and look at it. You might put a new roof on the same color. Doesn't look that different, but I feel like we've accomplished something and we've given the owner something better than what they had before. So I take pride in every project.

Sharon: Fantastic. Thank you so much for your time. I hope some folks reach out to you. And if they want to reach out, what's the best way for them to get in touch with you?

Chatrick: We have our website, To me directly is And my direct phone number is 720-984-9550.

Sharon: Thank you. Thank you for your time today. I know your schedule is busy and I hope I get to talk to you again soon.

Chatrick: Look forward to it. Thank you.

Sharon: All right.

Chatrick Clark, owner of Integrity Construction Integrity Xteriors, in Denver CO.

At Integrity Xteriors, our promise is to give you 5 Star service on your new roof or repairs to your roof.

Visit for more information or CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE INSPECTION AND ESTIMATE - (303) 942-1119

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience with interior renovations and repairs to roofs, windows, siding as well as repairs due to water and fire damage.

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