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A Giving Mindset Is Important When Building Business Connections

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Hey, everyone. Sharon Heller here with Network in Action. I wanted to make you a quick video today about a topic I'm super passionate about. And that topic is about genuinely caring and having a giving perspective in terms of networking.

The truth is, people start networking in order to grow their business. And and the hope and the intent is you're going to build strong referral partners. You're going to meet people who are going to send business your way. And that's all well and good.

However, the missing perspective for a lot of busy business owners is recognizing the importance of having focus outside of yourself, focus on the other business owners in the room, and a sincere desire and not just desire, but action behind it, to help others succeed.

If you want to succeed in your networking, be the one who provides the most introductions, be the one who shows the most interest in others success, and through that, I promise you, the referrals will naturally come full circle.

And the way that happens is by getting the attention off of yourself and focusing and helping others succeed. Seems simple, seems obvious, but it's a really big mistake that a lot of business owners are making out there. They're investing time and networking, but they're not investing the time and giving back to the others in their networking community.

My tip for you put it in your schedule, make time every week to provide introductions to those other quality business owners in your network. Take good care of them and in return, they will very naturally take care of you. So, again, my tip today is have a giving mindset, truly care, put that care in giving into action and it will come full circle wishing you well. Sharon Heller from Network in Action.

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