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It's time to grow your business!

Network in Action is a mastermind of business owners that build relationships through networking, drive referrals to increase revenue, and helps business owners solve problems so that they can thrive in business.

A Different Type of Networking

Monthly Meeting

Business Meeting

Efficiency matters. Members save 80+ hours a year with our format, compared to traditional networking groups.

Networking with
Decision Makers

Business Meeting

Networking with a peer group is incredibly important, because it improves the results. NIA vets all potential members. 

Great Technology

Image by William Hook

Best in class technology keeps members engaged and connected.

Online Review App

Image by Brett Jordan

RepMan, our proprietary app, increases members' online reviews exponentially.

State of the Art Coaching Systems (E-Learning) 

Image by Daniel Korpai

All of our members have access to a state of the art business coaching academy, used by the worlds leading business coaches. 

Guaranteed ROI


No other networking business guarantees a ROI. We're just that confident in what we do.

Professional Leadership

Woman at Work

Each group is run by a professional leader. This means professionally run meetings,  and no volunteer time needed by members. 

Network with the Nation

Virtual Team Meeting

We have a monthly virtual  "Network with the Nation" Event giving you a chance to  network with other NIA members from across the US. 

Business Education & Social Events


We offer business education workshops and classes with expert speakers and trainers. And we know how to have fun, whether at a Happy Hour, a wine tasting or outdoor activity. 



Once a year, every group will do a community service project and we offer a free membership to a community non-profit.

Want to find out how Network in Action can help you take your business to the next level?

A Model That Works - All Across Northern America

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