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Increase Conversions with a Video Sales Letter!

What is getting up to 50% more conversions from your website visitors worth to you?

A Video Sales Letter (VSL) is part of a smart marketing strategy. It’s a video designed to persuade viewers to take a specific action – working with YOU! VSLs are effective because they combine visual and auditory elements to convey a message. You talk directly to the viewer in this type of video so they are getting to know you while you build the trust needed for them to make a purchasing decision. You can leverage storytelling, emotional appeal, relatable situations and a clear value proposition to drive viewer engagement and conversion. 
According to various marketing studies, VSLs have been shown to significantly improve conversion rates compared to traditional text-based sales pages. On average, businesses that use VSLs report conversion rate increases ranging from 20-50%. In addition, having a VSL on your website can affect your search engine ranking with increased engagement. Google takes user engagement into account when ranking websites. If your VSL keeps visitors on your site for a longer period, it can signal to Google that your content is valuable and relevant to users. This can contribute positively to your SEO efforts.
In short, everyone needs a Video Sales Letter on their homepage…BUT…here’s the deal; you can’t just put any old video up and reap the benefits. There is a formula for scripting the perfect VSL that converts (sells FOR you). And shooting it with a high-quality camera and equipment will put you in the best light and make you look very professional. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Monday, October 9, 9-10 a.m. there is a 1-hour virtual training on how to write your video sales letter script with the proper formula. Training will also be provided on how to get ready for your video shoot, what to wear, tips to not be nervous, etc. Participants receive a how-to PDF with live training, which will also be recorded if someone cannot make the live date.

  • By Friday, October 13 participants deadline to send their VSL scripts to Heather to be reviewed to make sure they follow the formula for a successful VSL.

  • By Friday, October 20, Heather will send any suggested changes/edits back to participant to review.

  • By Wednesday, October 25, participant sends final script to Heather if changes/edits were made to the original and she inputs the scripts into her teleprompter.

  • Friday, October 27 is the video shoot day. Each participant will sign up for a ½ hour slot for Heather to shoot their VSL. Heather will have all her professional equipment to produce a top-quality VSL.

  • Following the event, Heather will make final edits and send VSL files to participants, ready to use.

The value of doing a VSL with a professional videographer is $1000.

COST for Network in Action Members: 60% OFF - ONLY $400!


LOCATION of Video Shoot

The Village Workspace - Media Room
7173 S. Havana St.
Centennial, CO 80112

Enter through the main door #600

Limited spots are available, so sign up below. Heather Hukari will invoice you directly. To reserve your spot, payment is due upon invoice. Once payment is received, you will be able to choose your 30-minute time slot of the remaining times available.

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