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NIA Business Lab - 10 Ways To Stay Top Of Mind During Changing Times

In this session you will learn the top 10 tools, resources and concepts ideal for business owners to stay top of mind and relevant during this changing climate.

Karen Liz Albert, a Social Media consultant, speaker, author and seminar leader, is the owner/founder of Behind Your Curtain. Karen has 20+ years experience in marketing, consulting and professional training and has successfully used her Social Media expertise to launch targeted Social Media marketing campaigns for real estate professionals, helping them achieve tangible marketing results by strategically promoting brand awareness and increasing customers.


Additionally, Karen hosts her own show “Behind Your Curtain” and is in high demand as an expert guest on local and national radio shows discussing the latest in social media marketing trends.

The Takeaways:

  • Find resources that produce valuable & relevant information

  • Identify ways to educate and inform your community

  • Nurture your relationships

  • Support your local community businesses

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